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Book Recommendation / At Home with Madame Chic: Becoming a Connoisseur of Daily Life

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Jennifer L. Scott's best seller from 2014

Inspiring and Practical...

The second entry in Jennifer's Madame Chic series, this guide to embracing the joy of homekeeping and everyday routines is a charming read that can help even the most overwhelmed of us to rethink how we care for our homes.

We're encouraged to focus on why we chose our homes in the first place, and Jennifer shares her own story of how she regained an appreciation of the home she had started to outgrow by remembering how she and her husband had been in love with their home when they first bought it and enjoyed entertaining and decorating it to make it their own. The book includes simple ideas for enhancing what we have, such as a section on growing African violets and (my favorite) helpful drawings to guide readers through tidying the linen closet or bathroom cupboard by using "the hotel fold" for bath and hand towels.

For readers struggling with clutter, Jennifer writes about streamlining your wardrobe by adopting a ten-item wardrobe, addressing the scarcity mindset that makes us afraid to discard things and determined to stock up beyond our needs, and focusing on morning and evening routines that bring additional order, peace, and gratitude to your day. Some readers looking for concrete ideas may make good use of the lists of suggested candle fragrances for morning and evening, jazz and classical albums for background music, and ideas for incorporating rituals like afternoon tea into your home life.

While this definitely is geared towards women readers and includes sections specifically addressing women with children, the advice provided is well organized and concise and can be appreciated by anyone who wants to feel a little more in control and comfortable with their daily chores and tidying.

Click on the top image to purchase the book online, or, even better, find a copy at a bookstore near you. The NYPL has the e-book available to borrow and one copy available for library use.

Happy Reading!


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