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Recommended Viewing / Diane in Denmark

For inspiration and down-to-earth ideas for decluttering, feeling organized, and getting a little more out of life, I highly recommend watching

Diane in Denmark's YouTube videos.

Diane started out by posting step-by-step directions for following the Flylady System, a popular method for keeping your home clean and your life organized and still provides advice based on that system. But she also regularly demonstrates how she manages her wardrobe and keeps it fresh by participating in clothes swap parties and declutters her home room by room.

Diane in Denmark's channel also features videos about adopting Getting Things Done and hygge videos where she shares her current reading and Netflix obsessions or shares recipes or Danish traditions.

The two biggest draws are Diane herself -- with her charming Scottish accent, her cheerleader spirit, and her unedited videos that never sell you anything and never even ask you to subscribe or click like -- and her practical, realistic approach to making progress. She helps viewers recover from their perfectionism by emphasizing a Flylady maxim "Good enough is good enough" and often says things like, "That's how I do it, but you figure out how it works for you."

Diane is currently taking a break from YouTube and Instagram because she's headed to a big ice swimming competition, so now is the perfect time to dive into her back catalog and glean all sorts of ideas about getting yourself and your home put together better.

Take a look below at one of Diane's recent posts about getting your week in order:


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