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DELUXE Package -- 3 sessions / 3 hours each

DELUXE Package -- 3 sessions / 3 hours each

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$735.00 Regular Price
$710.00Sale Price

Recommended for clients with larger homes or those wanting to handle more complicated projects as part of their home organization. For example, you may want to finally get twenty years of photos and letters organized. Maybe you are a collector feeling overwhelmed by piles of books and too many tchotchkes. You may have a spare room or walk-in closet that has been collecting odds and ends for a while now. We'll tackle that project together, reclaim the spaces you've been ignoring, and help you feel lighter and more in control.


Scheduling these appointments a few days to a few weeks apart allows time in between for you complete some tasks on your own and for purchasing organizing products needed.


    For the best deal, you may purchase a DELUXE package upfront for a savings of $150.

    Alternatively, you may provide a downpayment by selecting either a STANDARD package for a discount of $114 or a SINGLE session. The remaining balance will be due at the end of our final session.


    To help us make the most of our time together, feel free to call or email any questions you may have, share photos of your space, and consult about which organizing products you might want to purchase in advance.

    We can also deliver donations of small items like clothing, books, and household items to Goodwill, Housing Works, and similar organizations at the end of each session.

    We're also happy to answer follow-up questions after your session. (And we'd love to see photos of your long-term success!)

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